Patrick Swayze & Jason Whittle At Age 43

The late Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze gained fame back in the ’80s while portraying the roles of tough but romantic guys. Sadly, the actor died of pancreatic cancer in 2009 at the age of 57. It was only after he died that a mysterious man by the name of Jason Whittle showed up claiming that Patrick was his father. The story about the alleged secret son is actually not fully confirmed but the physical resemblance between the two really suggests that there’s a good chance that it is true.

Clint Eastwood & Scott Eastwood At Age 30

An accomplished actor such as Clint Eastwood doesn’t need an introduction, although his son probably does. Scott is an actor too and you’d think that it would be easy to make a breakthrough with such a legend for a father, but that’s not true. Clint wanted Scott to work his way up all by himself. He played the lead role in The Longest Ride and has been landing more roles since then. He is still far away from earning the kind of net worth his father has but he is trying.

Lily Mo Sheen & Kate Beckinsale

Here we have Lily Mo Sheen, the only daughter of Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale. There’s no question who she resembles the most – she looks like a carbon copy of her mom! However, it seems that lovely Lily Mo would be riding mom or dad’s credit cards for a while before adopting a career of her own, as she is still in the process of furthering her studies. She’s done a few stints on screen alongside her mother, too, like on Underworld and on Everybody is Fine. In 2019, Kate was able to star in a new TV series called The Widow.

Tracee Ellis Ross & Diana Ross

A celebrity kid can be envied very easily, either over the family money or even perhaps the fame – but it sure has its share of downsides! The unfailing public pressure placed on celeb kids can be unbearable at times, and it often causes them to tumble before they’ve found their footing. Fortune sure isn’t the solution to every problem! Diana Ross’ daughter Tracee Ellis has steered clear of any such issue, fortunately, and she has become a successful actress, comedian, and director today. Tracee has an upcoming movie called Covers and a new show called Mixed-ish.